utorok 26. mája 2009

The Pirate Party in Sweden

There is one potential new party from Sweden that could make it into the European Parliament this year. It's the Pirate Party! They have been gaining a lot of popularity lately, especially after the recent conviction of the founders of Pirate Bay, a torrent sharing site. Their platform is based around the idea of copyright law reform. In their opinion P2P sharing on the internet should be legal. This comes at a time when many media and music companies have been trying to crackdown hard on downloaders. They have enlisted the help of many politicians. For example in the recent telecoms legislation at the EU level, the French, led by Nicholas Sarkozy, had tried to make it mandatory for internet providers to cut connection to downloaders. Luckily, the EP did not pass this package.

Pirate Party
Pirate Party

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