utorok 26. mája 2009

Interesting Posts from Blogs

This is an interesting post about a stock simulator. Here instead of investing money, you can practice your stock picking skills with fake money. Once you learn how to invest, then you can go stock-picking with real money!
Stock Simulator

Post on comedians to follow on Twitter.
Comedians to Follow on Twitter

Comments by Marc Lynch(Abu Aardvark) on the recently released survey of Arab public opinion
Arab Public Opinion 2009

How to gather intelligence on the intentions of groups like Hezbollah? Spy agencies try to do it through wire-tapping, secret agents and the like, but one big source is sometimes overlooked: open-source intelligence!
Open-Source Intelligence

The Five Eras of Social Marketing. Comments by Joshua Owyang.
Five Eras of Social Marketing

Home Security Bots at Popular Science. Now you can make your home finally safe!
Home Security Bots

The Hubble Telescope always fires up the imagination. Here are some of its greatest discoveries.
Greatest Hubble Telescope Discoveries

Post on the current level of evolution within the human species.
Has Human Civilization Turbo Charged Evolution?"

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