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Multiverse: Multiverse theory states that our universe is just one of many universes. Imagine if you could go back and redo some decision that you had made in the past. According to multiverse theory, there probably is a universe where you made the decision differently. "You" in one dimension could be a millionaire, in another a sports star, in another a bum living under a bridge and in some not exist at all! Under the premise of multiverse theory, the universe divides at each quantum decision. So each second just by waving your hand you're creating millions of new universes!

"How to map the multiverse" New Scientist
How to map the Multiverse

Social Media:
We have entered the era of social media. Social media basically means content created by people. This can be anything such as forums, blogs (by writing a blog you're participating in social media!), wikis and all types of other things. Big social media platforms have emerged such as facebook, where you can create your profile and stay connected to your friends, twitter, where you post micro-comments, or youtube, where you can post your own videos. All this means that user-generated content is becoming dominant over traditional media on the internet such as newspapers or static webpages. This could mean a revolution in ways how our society is organized, how we buy products and how these products are sold. Social media is changing fast. A few years ago, things such as facebook didn't exist and now many people cannot stay connected to their friends without it. The future will bring new ways of using social media.

"The Future of Social Media" Social Media Explorer blog
The Future of Social Media

Social Media/ Government:
The advent of social media could mean a new relationship between the people and their governments. It is impossible to control the internet and it has emerged as the primary source of news and information for many people. Traditionally the government has been in many ways disconnected from the people. Even in democratic societies it was very hard to comment on legislation and control what the government is doing. In many ways this disconnect resulted in democratic deficits. However social media could mean a new way of tracking what is being done by the government and the legislators and even greater individual citizen participation in the drafting and commenting on legislation. There is an interesting website, which tracks what bills are being discussed and passed in the US Congress. People can write their opinions on those bills, make suggestions on improvements or comment on how these bills could impact everyday life.

Open Congress
Open Congress

The business world is quickly changing and there are different ways to approach it. Several top business professors keep blogs with their comments on the current economic situation, their theories on different aspects of business and on many other things such as strategy.

Top 50 Business Professor Blogs
Business Professor Blogs

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