nedeľa 11. apríla 2010

Secret rivers in Antarctica

Antarctica is an interesting continent. Once, millions of years ago, it actually had a lush landscape. However now most of it is a frozen wasteland of ice. Under the ice is a different story though. There are lakes and rivers flowing and they might even contain life.

"Antarctica's buried lakes are connected by a network of rivers moving water far beneath the surface, say UK scientists. It was thought the sub-glacial lakes had been completely sealed for millions of years, enabling unique species to evolve in them. Writing in the journal Nature, experts say international plans to drill into the lakes may now have to be reviewed. Any attempts to drill into one body of water risks contaminating others.

"What this paper shows is that not only could you contaminate a lake, you could contaminate the whole drainage system," lead author Duncan Wingham, of University College London, told the BBC News website."

"Secret rivers found in Antarctica." BBC News
Secret rivers in Antarctica

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