utorok 6. apríla 2010

Mars 500

New wave of reality show is upon us! Now a bunch of people will spend 500 days locked in a small room in Russia to simulate a voyage to Mars. Imagine the boredom!

"The Mars500 facility, which is located on the IBMP site in Moscow, comprises four sealed interconnected modules. The total interior volume is about 550 cubic metres. There are no windows. The walls in the living quarters have been covered with a wooden panelling to make them feel slightly less austere. Another module holds the Red Planet landscape. Looking after the participants' needs will be a mission control-room sited just outside the containers. But the experiment's designers are determined to make the training exercise as realistic as possible, so they will introduce a time delay in communications after two months. Because it can take about 20 minutes for a message to travel from Mars to Earth, it will take this amount of time in the simulation, also."

"Cosmonauts ready for Mars test." BBC News
Mars flight simulation

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