pondelok 15. júna 2009

Ancient Microbe Comes Back To Life

Ancient microbe comes back to life. Now that's something! Old bugs waking up after being dormant for thousands or millions of years. Is it Bug Park in the making? Will we see ancient bugs running around?
"After more than 120,000 years trapped beneath a block of ice in Greenland, a tiny microbe has awoken. The long-lasting bacteria may hold clues to what life forms might exist on other planets. The new bacteria species was found nearly 2 miles (3 km) beneath a Greenland glacier, where temperatures can dip well below freezing, pressure soars, and food and oxygen are scarce. "

"Microbe Wakes Up After 120000 Years." Live Science
Ancient Microbe Wakes Up

"Ressurection bug' revived after 120000 years." New Scientist
Ressurection Bug

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